The ZEFNET HCS based units sometimes have a hardwired jumper setting anything between 0% and 75%.  This means that if a charger does not have connectivity back to ZEFNET for any reason, it's default behavior will fall back to whatever this jumper is set at.  In addition to this, sometimes the ZEFNET EVSE Controller board may also hold charger output down to 25%.

Steps to resolve this issue to guarantee 100% output where connectivity has not been successfully achieved:

1. Remove the back of the charger (6 screws need to be removed)

2. Remove the 5 screws from the red board, and flip it up, rotating around the bottom of the EVSE as below, and identify if there is a jumper on the green daughter board:

3. If the jumper exists (as identified in the red box above), remove the jumper from board, and keep with the charger.

4. Remove one end of the serial cable from ZEFNET EVSE Controller board, as identified in the red box below:


5. Attach the 5 screws back into the red main board, and close up the unit with the 6 final screws

## The charger will now run in autonomous mode, and is guaranteed to run at 100% of the rating, but will not be accessible remotely for metering, event monitoring or load control.  This technique is only to be used in exceptional circumstances where signal boosters and other antenna options have failed ##

6. Finish.