The purpose of this article is to show how a commercial ZEFNET charger owner can setup the Chargehub payment system on their chargers.

Step 1:

- Raise a support ticket on or send an email to requesting the number of labels required.

- The support team will immediately mail out the labels.

- The ticket should also include how much you want to charge users for using the EVSE.  This can be in $/kWh's or $/Hour.

- ZEF support will make a request through for your organisation to accept payments from ZEF Energy (this is how payments make their way to you, the charger owner) 

Step 2:

- Once the label has been received, carefully apply the stickers on bottom of the front facia of the charger, ensuring the label is straight.  See below for the example.

Step 3:

- Contact the support team (raise a ticket in or email with the serial number (starting with HC1C on the side of the charger) and Chargehub sticker number mapping.  For example, HC1C190912849 (charger serial number) <-> 10983 (sticker number).  List for all chargers enabled.

Step 4:

- The support team will map these ID's against one another, enable payments and inform you that the chargers now require you to have the mobile app to start a charging session.

Step 5:

- On a monthly basis, a report will be sent to you, outlining the revenue collection, and the processing fees charged (10%).

Please Note: if the charger does not have cellular connectivity at the time the car is plugged in, the charger will start by default, and no payment will be taken.  This ensures the maximum driver satisfaction.