The purpose of this article is to show how a commercial ZEFNET charger owner can setup the ChargeHub payment system on their chargers.

Step 1:

- Raise a support ticket of type "Sticker Request" on our support portal:

- The support team will immediately mail out the labels.

- ZEF support will make a request through referencing the accounting email provided in the ticket (this is how payments make their way to you, the charger owner)

Step 2:

- Once the label has been received, carefully apply the stickers on bottom of the front facia of the charger, ensuring the label is straight.  See below for the example.

Step 3:

- Each sticker number has to be assigned to the charger the sticker was placed upon.  For each charger, note down the serial number starting HC1C on the side of the charger, and the ChargeHub sticker ID on the front of the charger.

Step 4:

- Now that you know which Charger Serial Number maps to which ChargeHub sticker ID, login to to add the sticker numbers and setup the payment costs

Step 5:

- Open the Device tab from the dashboard:

 Step 6:

- Open the device specific page for the serial number of the charger to have it's settings updated, by finding the charger of interest, and clicking on the three ellipses, as highlighted in red below :


Step 7:

- Once the device specific page is open, enter the charger setup wizard by clicking on the Edit button, as highlighted by the red box:

Step 8:

- Once the wizard is open, Click next, until the Port tab is open.  Fill out the fields in the red boxes, then hit save.

Step 9:

- Put the charger into Authorization Mode.  By putting the charger into Authorization Mode, it will stop vehicles from charging, unless they have attempted to start a charging session through the ChargeHub app.  Click on the Configure button as highlighted by the red box:

Step 10:

- The Device Configuration wizard will open.  Change the authorisation mode setting from "None" to "User Authorisation", and press Save, as below:

Step 11:

- The device is now setup to handle payments.  Users just need to download the ChargeHub mobile app (as indicated on the ChargeHub sticker), and select the charger with the same sticker number as that on the front of the charger, and start a session with their registered credit card.

- On a monthly basis, a report will be sent to you, outlining the revenue collection, and the processing fees charged (10%).

Step 12:

- Repeat Step 6 -> Step 10, for each charger that a sticker has been applied to.

Step 13:

- Go to and setup an account so that we can send you money on a monthly basis.  You will need to send us your PNI - Payment Network ID from the account you setup.

Step 14:

- Your site is now ready to accept paying customers!

Please Note: if the charger does not have cellular connectivity at the time the car is plugged in, the charger will start by default, and no payment will be taken.  This ensures the maximum driver satisfaction.