Q1:  If an electric vehicle owner wants to charger their car at one of ZEF Energy's charging stations, do they have to create an account?

A: Not necessarily.  Many public charger owners choose to give their energy away for free.  All the driver has to do is plug in.  Easy!

However, ZEFNET chargers can also be ChargeHub or ampUp enabled, so drivers would download the app (if they don't already have it) and start a charging session using the app, creating an account on the app. Drivers will be informed as to which one to use, based on the information sticker on the charger, or by a signage adjacent to the charger.

Q2: Can you provide a brief summary of how the actual charging transactions take place between an EV owner and a business?

A: If a business chooses to charge drivers for usage, then people would download the relevant app, as indicated on the charger (as outlined above).  People use a credit card in the app.  The usage is logged, and ZEF's payment partner would collect payment directly off the credit card.  ZEF then provides the payment through to the end business on a monthly basis.

Q3: Does the host business have to create an account as well, how does the business receive reimbursement for the energy consumption on the chargers?

A: The host business/charger owner will provide details to ZEF Energy when enabling payment processing on the chargers, so that ZEF Energy can post a payment into the host business or charger owners account.