Once you have taken delivery of your ZEFNET chargers and have them installed, you'll need to do a couple of things:

1. Register your Organization with ZEF Energy, so we can setup your organization within the ZEFNET platform

2. Create new ZEFNET Portal users associated with your organization (so they can view usage and administer the chargers)

3. On-board your chargers into ZEFNET, having one of the new users carry out the on-boarding

This article shows you how to register your organization for the first time within ZEFNET.

Step 1: Browse to New Ticket Page

Go to the following URL to create a new support ticket:


Step 2: Choose New Organization

Click on the Type dropdown, and choose New ZEFNET Organization option:

Step 3: Fill In Details

Ensure to fill in all details for your organization, as well as who is going to be the primary contact:

Step 4: Submit

Hit the Submit button!  One of support folks will setup your organizations account, ready to have new ZEFNET portal users added to them, and new chargers setup.  You will then be notified once this has been done (this usually takes 24 hours).

Happy charging!

P.S. You may also want to read this article about adding new ZEFNET portal users: