All ZEFNET chargers have self healing capabilities to provide the maximum amount of uptime.  However, sometimes you may see a charger that appears to be offline in the portal, or it may have an error status associated with it.  This article lists the steps to walk through to verify what is stopping the charger from working correctly.

Step 1: Check the status lights

Observe the lights on the front of the charger.  If a third party (a client, or a site supervisor) is checking on your behalf, get them to send you a photo of the status lights.  ZEF Energy will need to see this to help diagnose the problem.  If all status lights are dark, go to step 2.

Step 2: Check the breakers

Sometimes a breakers can flip, and they can flip for a multitude of reasons: surges, leaks to ground, old breakers start to become more sensitive and flip - needing replacement.  Observe the position of the breaker, and if needed, test the breaker to see if it is still functional.

Step 3: Power Cycle the unit

If after checking the status lights and breakers, and they all check out (or even if they don't!), switching the chargers off for 10 seconds, then on again, can clear error states.  It is rare that you have to do this, but often this can be done and your chargers will continue to operate for many years without having to do this.

Logging a support issue

When all else fails, please provide the following information when creating a new support ticket:

1. Serial Number

2. Location

3. Photo of the status lights

4. Photo of the breaker positions

A support ticket can be created at:

This will help the support team determine the next course of action.