As your organization grows, or as more team members have interest in using the ZEFNET portal, you'll want to be able to add new users.  This article walks through how to add new users to your organization and provide them access.

Currently, new users are processed by our support team.  To raise a ticket to get a new user added, please do the following:

1. Browse to

2. Create a new ticket with the following information:

- First Name

- Last Name

- Email Address

- Telephone Number

See below for an example:

3. One of our support staff will verify with the requester that it is a legitimate request, which, once confirmed, will then create the new user

4. The new user has 5 days to login for the first time, in order to authenticate the account.  If not done within that time, the account will be marked as stale, and the original requestor will have to make another request for security purposes.