If you are a commercial entity then read on!  If you purchased your charger for use in your home, there is nothing more you need to do.  Your utility will be taking it from here

So, the charger has arrived, it's been installed, and you want to know what to do next.


The ZEFNET cloud needs to be told who owns the charger, where it sits, what breaker it sits on etc., so you'll go through the allocation process.

Logon into utility.zefenergy.com.  Select the Devices tab.  At the top of the page you'll see the Allocated and Unallocated tabs:


In parentheses you'll see a number which denotes how many chargers are in each list.  In this case, please click on the "Unallocated" tab, as from the image above, we can see there is one charger waiting to be allocated.

The image above shows a charger ready to be allocated.  We can see from the icon on the far left, that the charger is not only online, but also currently charging.  The moniker for the device indicates the serial number of the charger, which can be found on the side of the enclosure.

[Note: If you do not see an expected charger in the 'Unallocated' tab, send an email to support@zefenergy.com containing the serial numbers of all chargers in question (Level 2 chargers have a serial number starting with HC1C for each port, so a dualhead charger would have two associated serial numbers). A support agent will respond shortly informing you that your chargers have been added to your account.]

Once we confirm that the serial number matches, we can go ahead and hit the allocate button, which is the icon in the Allocate column on the far right hand side.  This will open up the dialog below:

The charger can be named, for example: "East Shop Charger No. 2", to help identification when sitting in a list of devices.  Choose something that will mean something to the most people in your organization.  Define the date that the charger was installed, and hit next.

The next step in the dialog asks you to either select a pre-existing host location, or to create a new host location to associate the charger with.  If no location exists, press the + button in the top right hand corner.  This will open the following dialog:

The dialog is filled out.  If no account number is known (usually used in utility applications), simply put 0.  Hit save, and the new entity will be created in the Host tab.  Select the new record, and hit next.  This will display the following dialog:

The final step in the allocation process is to define the breaker that the charger is connected to.  The Breaker Name textbox is an opportunity to provide identification of the breaker, easily to those who may be charged with supporting the equipment.  For example: "South East Utility Room : Panel 2B : Breaker 22/24", which clearly identifies where an engineer would go to, in order to isolate or reboot the charger manually.  If possible, ensure this level of detail is noted down, you'll thank yourself in the future!

Define what the capacity of the breaker is.  Hit Save.

You have now successfully allocated your ZEFNET EVSE!  It will now appear in your "Allocated" list in the devices register.